City of Heavenly fire book discussion (Spoilers!)

So if you’ve completely ignored what I’ve wrote THIS IS NOT A REVIEW! Heres a link to my review on goodreads- of heavenly fire

First I am going to warn you, this post will be so messy it will have no organisation to it and I think I should of probably wrote notes as I was reading the book because I am probably going to miss out a lot of important stuff.

So we start off the story meeting some new characters who will be the main characters for the next Cassandra Clare series ‘ the Dark Artifices’  and at first I was a bit unsure with them, there were to many new characters being introduced at once but then I started to like them as the story went along and for some reason I really liked Mark  and I am really unsure why he was in it for like 20 pages but I don’t know. Any of you guys feel this ay or am I just weird? I really liked Emma even though she was a bit annoying at times but come on she’s 12 and as the next series is set 5 years later I hope she will of matured and will not be as annoying as Clary was as a protagonist. Also shes related to Jem she’s bound to be awesome its in her blood.

Speaking of which I absolutely loved the parts where the infernal devices and the mortal instruments world intertwined, the part I was least expecting but was so glad it was in was when Jessamine’s ghost protected the London institute I honestly thought we would never hear of Jessie ever again. I thought we would see Tessa much early in the story and thought she would contribute to killing Sebastian using her powers to find out where he was but still I was happy her and Clary talked towards the end. Although I was kind of pissed off none of them were told the story of Will Herondale, well maybe except Alec, I’m presuming Magnus wrote that in the book he gave Alec towards the end.

While on this topic can we just take a moment to appreciate how much sass Alec Lightwood had in this book, he was so awkward in the first book but now hes saying things like ‘I’m not your bitch’ he’s sassy and he knows it. There was a lot of Malec in this book and a lot of discussions between different people about there relationship in here, people who you wouldn’t expect like when the four representatives of the downworlders were having dinner, that was just really weird.  I was a little disappointed that Magnus was locked in a cell for half the book but what can you do when the fairy’s drug your drinks.

There was some hilarious parts in this book, I literally laughed out loud a few times and considering it is the last book in a series that does not normally happen. A few of my favourite scenes were when Simon had to feed on Alec, seriously out of all the people it would be your girlfriends brother who just so happens to be gay. The Izzy and Simon sex scene where they were ‘roleplaying’ I was cringing and laughing at the same time. Another was when Jem or ‘Zachariah’ as they know him (as they didn’t tell the rest of them his real name) stole Church. Seriously that was just to name a few this book was really funny.

Now on to the sad parts…I was surprised that basically the only major death was near the beginning of the story, I was sad about Jordan dying but better him than any of the other characters. Also side note but did anyone else think that Maia was going to be pregnant? I don’t know if this can happen in this story’s werewolf lore but I thought it was going to be a bit more than just wanting to break up with him.

Another sad part was when they were all dreaming of what the demons saw as there hearts desire, it was just so sad to see all of them look at the lives what they really wanted.

I never thought it would actually be quite sad to see Sebastian die, well to see the evil Sebastian to die but then they were left with the goodness in him, and of what Jonathan would of been like. But I was happy to see him go, he was such a dick, he had a pretty disgusting obsession with his sister.

Simon losing his memories I would say was the saddest part of the book but I’m glad he was not a daylighter in the end, I could not stand the thought of him being immortal forever, and finally he would be accepted by the Lightwood family if he became a shadowhunter (which I think he did from looking at the comic strip in the back). Also him calling the band The Mortal instruments I loved I thought that was so good.

Did anybody else think that the part with Robert lightwood and Alec was a bit random, I mean I’m glad they accept him for his sexuality but that thing about Michael Wayland was really random and was not hinted throughout the series at all, it certainly took me by surprise.

With all endings in Cassandra Clare’s book series they are all very neat everyone seems to end up with each other but that’s why I like them I don’t care if there not realistic-there fiction. Yet all her books are left quite open and I’m sure we will see more of them in her next series, which I am looking forward to very much but I just wish this series wasn’t over.

I’m sorry for all the bad grammar and randomness of this but please tell me what you thought of the book, I need someone to discuss with me how awesome this book was.


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