Blood Promise by Richelle Mead book discussion

Blood Promiseblood promise

Rose Hathaway’s life will never be the same. The recent attack on St. Vladimir’s Academy devastated the entire Moroi world. Many are dead. And, for the few victims carried off by Strigoi, their fates are even worse. A rare tattoo now adorns Rose’s neck, a mark that says she’s killed far too many Strigoi to count. But only one victim matters … Dimitri Belikov. Rose must now choose one of two very different paths: honoring her life’s vow to protect Lissa—her best friend and the last surviving Dragomir princess—or, dropping out of the Academy to strike out on her own and hunt down the man she loves. She’ll have to go to the ends of the earth to find Dimitri and keep the promise he begged her to make. But the question is, when the time comes, will he want to be saved? Now, with everything at stake—and worlds away from St. Vladimir’s and her unguarded, vulnerable, and newly rebellious best friend—can Rose find the strength to destroy Dimitri? Or, will she sacrifice herself for a chance at eternal love?\l “

So shadow kiss left off with such big turn of events for them all. And boy was it an adventure in this book.

I loved the new character, Sydney in this book, I know that she has quite a big role in the spin off series Bloodlines (along with Adrian hmmm). I really liked her and it has made me very excited to find out more about the alchemists and to of course read that series.

Another new character we met (okay we met LOADS of new characters in this book) was Avery, I knew there was something off about her since the first page of meeting her. You are not replacing Rose bitch and you are not going out with Adrian. I did not expect that she would be a spirit user too, it did not even cross my mind at all, I felt so stupid and shocked when we found out. To be honest I still didnt reallu understand why she wanted to kill Lissa and then bring her back to life, it didnt really make sense to me.

Throughout the book I was like Lissa what the hell are you doing, I thought she was just turning into Adrian with the drinking or something to cope with using spirit magic. But no it was stupid bitch Avery. It seems like spirit users are becoming quite easy to come across. Not as rare as we thought.

The worst thing Avery did was split Christian and Lissa up, they are too cute together to not be together!

Side note: I really hope we see a lot more of Christian in this next book, I feel like he is turning into a minor character.

Another new character we met was Abe, I cannot believe I did not make the connection of the name Abe and Ibrahim. It made so much sense, through out the book I was like who could possibly want Rose to get back so much that they hired Abe to do it. And then turns out he wasn’t hired to do it. he’s her frickin father. I was blown away.

I really loved the Belikov family, I really hope we get to see more of them in the future, they were so nice!

Also the other new spirit users and shadowkissed guy! Mark and his wife (I’ve forgotten what his wife was called) I really liked them and when they said there may be a way to unturn the strigoi, I was like this is what’s going to happen, this is the plot for the next book, we are going to get Dimitri back. But then he said Dashkov. No. Not this twat again.

They are going to have to break him out of prison aren’t they.

I am really excited to start reading spirit bound now, so many things were uncovered towards the last few chapters of this book!

5/5 stars

Favourite quote: “I know how devastated you must be to miss me, but leave a message, and I’ll try to ease your agony” Oh Adrian. 😉

Song that remind me of the book: The ghost of you- My Chemical Romance


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