Top 10 saddest scenes from The Vampire Diaries

Disclaimer- There will be spoilers from seasons 1-5 so don’t look if you are not up to them yet…not unless you like being spoiled. These are just my opinions and I know not everyone will agree with me. All photos and videos used do not belong to me, if they do belong to you just comment if you want credit for them! Thank you! ūüėõ

10. Bonnie’s Grams death scene

This was from Season 1 episode 14. It was probably the first scene that truly made you sympathize with the characters. I didn’t really care for Bonnie or Grams much at this point during the show but I have to admit this scene was very emotional.¬†
Here is a link to the full scene: Bonnies Grams death


9. Caroline and her Dad scene

This was from season 3 episode 13. I think the saddest thing about this scene is that it could of went either way. He could of survived. I think its the first in the series where we have seen someone choose not to become a vampire. It was really sad because Caroline thought he hated what she was and couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t become a vampire.
Here is the link to this scene: Caroline and her Dad


8. Elena realising Jeremy is dead elena

This was from season 4 episode 15. This just brought back all the memories of the people who have died before. Jenna. John. Alaric. It was so sad when Elena was asking Damon about Ric “I know you want your drinking buddy back” ūüė• It makes you realise how many people she has lost in the past what 1-2 years and how much things has changed. She’s lost 3 sets of parents and now her brother. Here is the link to this scene: Elena realising Jeremy is dead


7.  Bonnies funeralbonnies funeral

This was from season 5 episode 4. Bonnie wasn’t even one of my favourite characters but the things what she said to all her friends were so sad, I cried like a baby. She knew exactly what to say to all of them to make them feel better and the fact that she got to say goodbye was all she could of wanted. Also if a Birdy song is playing, you know it is going to be a sad scene. Here is the link to this scene: Bonnies Funeral


6. Jenna and John’s funeral jenna and john

This was from season 2 episode 19. And yet another Birdy song. And yet another funeral. I really miss Jenna and surprisingly I really miss John. His letter which he left for Elena just redeemed his character so much. Also can I just add poor Alaric yet again losing another girlfriend. He must be so confused whether he should stay and look after Elena and Jeremy or leave Mystic Falls before anything else goes wrong. Here is the link to this scene: Jenna and Johns funeral


5. Elena dies/car flashback elena car scene

This was from season 3 episode 22. I think this is one of the best scenes in the history of the Vampire diaries. I loved the flashbacks to when Elena’s parents died. I loved the symmetry of it all. It was so emotionally captivating. Also this is also the scene when Alaric dies for reals this time. ¬†Its so sad that Damon is not only seeing his best friend die but at the very same time he knows that Elena is also dead. Then Alaric appears as a ghost to Jeremy and tells him he will never be alone . RIP ALARIC + RIP HUMAN ELENA ūüė• Here is a link for the scene: Elena dies/Car Flashback


4. Stefan’s death scene stefan death

This was from season 5 episode 21. Candice Accola’s acting in this scene was pure gold. I loved how Stefan and Caroline’s relationship has developed through this season. Always sticking up for each other. But then Stefan literally gets his heart ripped out. The song playing in the background is full of determination because we know that Caroline will stop at nothing to get Stefan back. Steroline! Here is a link to the scene: Stefans death scene


3. Alaric’s ‘death’ scene alaric death

This was from season 3 episode 20. This may be cheating a little because I’m referring to two scenes. The first is when everybody comes to say goodbye to Alaric. And he talks to Elena and Jeremy. ‘Taking care of you and Jeremy has been the closest to come of the life I’ve always wanted’ With The Fray playing in the background could this episode become any sadder. Yes. By doing the Damon and Alaric goodbye speech too. This was hands down the best and most unlikely friendship on the show. Here is the link for scene 1 and¬†scene 2


2. Damon and Elena goodbye scene

This was from season 5 episode 22. Hands down the best Delena scene ever. I’m sure in seasons to come it will be hard to be this scene. ‘Its the epitome of a fulfilled life’ For anyone who has ever doubted there love for each other please re-watch this scene. Also I loved the song in the background for this scene. Here is the link for this scene- Damon and Elenas goodbye


1. Alaric and Damon grave scenedamon and alaric

This was from season 4 episode 2. First can I just applaud how well the writers incorporated Alaric death into season 4. In a lot of other TV shows they would of just mentioned him once or twice.¬†I loved what this scene showed about Damon’s character. He’s not staying there to try and win the girl he’s staying there to look after Elena and Jeremy because that’s what Alaric would of wanted. If Ric was alive still Damon would of left because he is the only one he trusts with Elena and Jeremy’s safety. I think Alaric’s death shows off Damon’s humanity better than any other character on the show including Elena. Here is the link¬†for this scene: I miss you too buddy ūüė•

Well I would say that was fun but honestly it was rather depressing. Leave comments down below saying what was your saddest scene and what are you hoping to see in season 6?


What will happen in Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries season 6

So I’ve recently re-watched all 5 seasons of the vampire diaries and have a few months to kill pondering what will happen in season 6 so here’s my thoughts. A lot of this is just based on either rumours what I have heard or stuff I WANT to happen, so don’t quote me on anything what I say this is just what I personally think.

For the first time ever I believe we have no idea who the enemy or threat will be in this one, and all past ones are pretty muc crossed off the list:

Season 1- Damon(???) Turns good/Dead ( but we will get to that later)

Season 2- Katherine- Dead

Season 3(+4)- The Originals- they have there own TV show (but you never know)

Season 5- Silas and Markos- Dead

And we know that the other side fell apart so no one will be returning. There’s no more doppelg√§nger surprises because we know that Elena and Stefan are the only ones remaining. So I’m thinking that a lot of this season will be occupied with how the characters are feeling and how they are coping with there loses.

I’m giving a paragraph of what I think or hope the character will be doing next season:


So after the loss of her boyfriend and best friend I’m thinking she’s been grieving, and we all know how she handles it last time when Jeremy died, she set fire to her house and then Damon made her turn her humanity off. But this time round she actually has a parent to look after her- Alaric. Oh how much shit would not of happened if Alaric was alive for the past two seasons, but he’s here now and is probably the only one who loved Damon as much as she did. So I’ve heard there’s been a time difference between the season 5 finale and season 6, for some reason I feel like its 6 months. So far all I can think of as a plot for Elena is her just trying to get on with her life as best as possible until Damon and Bonnie come back to life (they will come back). There’s been no real hint of what will be in store for Elena this season, so that’s pretty much all I can say.


So for Stefan its pretty much the same deal, he lost his oldest friend Lexi (even though she was already dead) and his brother, he will probably feel guilty since one of the main points of why they died was to bring him back to life. But luckily he has Caroline, I feel like we are going to get a lot of Steroline action this season (finally). I think they’ve given¬†up a bit on the love triangle and we all know its going to be Damon and Elena to end with, I just don’t think Elena¬†and Stefan will ever get back together although they will be very good friends.

Damon and Bonnie

Damon and Bonnie are in the same boat at the moment- they’re both dead. But we all know Grams has done something witchy tDamono prevent them from dying. But we all know (from it being mentioned about 50 times) all magic has to find a balance, to bring two people back to life what will be the costs? Two people must die? Or even crazier thought what if its even bringing two characters from hell back to life, seen as Damon and Bonnie were just about to find peace, it could happen. And we all know one character who went to hell, could our physcotic bitch Katherine be making a return? One Bonnie and Damon are back, what will they be? Will Bonnie be a witch again and Damon a vampire? Or could the balance be that they both lose there supernatural ability’s? Could that be the balance? If it is it doesn’t look good for Damon and Elena’s eternal love.


Something very interesting happened to Tyler last season, he’s not a hybrid anymore, just a boy with a werewolf gene. And he does not want history to¬† repeat¬†itself because after last time I don’t think Klaus will be willing to come all the way to Mystic falls to turn him after last time, even though he could because of what we saw on the originals final. But lets be honest how many people on this show have not killed anyone- I can’t think of one. It’s going to happen and it is not going to be good having a werewolf in a town full of vampires where one bite can kill them. So it looks like we are going back to the storyline of season 2 all over again- good luck Tyler.¬†Also since Caroline and him are never ever getting back together, who will be his love interest of this season, someone new? If its not someone new then my bets on Liv because the twins have to fit in somewhere right?


Firstly as I’ve previously mentioned Steroline must happen. We got to see barely any Caroline action this season, we really need a good plot based around her. So why not get her to date one of the three main characters. Anyways back to the sadness Carolines lost her best friend and Sheriff Forbes nearly died (for all we know she could be dead), we haven’t really seen Caroline lose control so far, she is a very good vampire. So maybe this season could be her downfall, I’m pretty sure she’s the only vampire on this show who’s never turned her humanity off so something serious could upset her like her mother dying (pls don’t though we love our Sheriff) or something to do with Stefan, she turns her humanity off runs away- to where you’re asking? To New Orleans, if she’s not going to get a good plot on this show then she would on The Originals-we just desperately need more Klaroline.


Well his girlfriend did just die he will be heart broken, its not like last time when he can keep talking to her because the other side is gone. But he does have Alaric, he will make everything okay. There’s not really much I can say for Jeremy, I don’t think his hunter ability’s will be a big part at all this season (sometimes I even forget he has them) but when Bonnie gets back I’m sure them two will start going out again¬†but he will probably mess it all up like two times previously.


So Matt is basically the only character who can go into Mystic falls which I suppose could make him quite important with there plan with reclaiming back there home (but we’ll talk about this later). Rumour has it that Matts going to join the police force- a bit random but I can see it. I’ve got no idea what this will add to the storyline but, I suppose he is the only one who actually needs a job and he’s not in collage so I’ll roll with it. Next question is will Matt ever find love, so far its been a failure but could this be the season? And finally will Matt turn into something supernatural- in all honesty I hope he doesn’t, I love having him as just normal human Matt. But seen as them rings probably don’t work anymore, there’s nothing protecting him from¬†the big bad world of supernatural.

AAll My Childrenlaric

The only good thing to come from the season 5 final, Alaric’s back! Our favourite history teacher, vampire hunter has returned from the dead…Except he’s none of the above, he’s basically an original vampire except more powerful and can’t die even from a white oak stake. So initially he is invincible. So this is good news right? Nothing can beat Alaric right? Well I don’t think Alaric wanted any of this, he definitely did not want to be a vampire never mind an original. I think we will see him really struggle with this as we’ve never really seen him live his day to day life like this. As well as this his best friend just died, Alaric may be blaming himself as he went through Bonnie before Damon. Alaric will again be the one looking after the kids now that Damon’s gone. Once Damon is back to the land of the living things will go back to how they were, Damon and Alaric will be drinking buddy’s again and have lots of badass moments right? Well with one little exception- Enzo. Something tells me these two wont get on very well, they are two complete opposites. Alaric brings the good out of Damon where as Enzo brings out the bad. These two will not hit it off at all. One thing that is puzzling me is when they reclaim there home of Mystic Falls, what will they say about Alaric being suddenly back from the dead? Another thing, Alaric could potentially link into the originals seen as his creator is now back to life, this does have potential for crossovers, I’m sure Klaus will be worrying that somebody even more powerful than him is back to life, especially someone who tried to wipe out the vampire race.


I’m not sure why Enzo has remained with the gang seen as the only one who likes him is dead, so I’m not really sure how he will fit into the story. All I know is that there will be some funny Caroline/Enzo moments and with Alaric/Enzo there will definitely be some tedious moments.

Liv and Lukelivluke

The twins are currently the only witches in the show so they need to stay. Maybe this season we will get to know them a bit better and star to like them, even thought they are responsible for Damon being sucked into oblivion. Possibly some relationships, it would be interesting to see Luke get a boyfriend as the only gay character we’ve seen previously is Caroline’s dad.

So that’s all I’ve got to say for each individual character this season but from what I can tell for the overall plot it will be all about trying to reclaim there home. We have absolutely no clue of how this will happen and if its even possible. But its not the vampire diaries without Mystic falls .

I wonder what time period of flash backs we will get, here’s what I’m hoping:

  • Some more Damon/Stefan flashbacks of a different decade.
  • Something explaining the werewolf curse and why specifically does the Lockwoods have that curse.
  • Something with Lexi in, seen as she will definitely not be making a return we still need Lexi on our screens.

Also we need some big event to happen, I feel like we were severely lacking in season 5 of all the parties, seen as none of them go to Mystic falls high school anymore there’s no more Decade dances which were always a fantastic episode so we are just going to have to have some other events somewhere else.

That’s about all for my predictions, all I can say is October please hurry up.