The Social media book tag

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Twitter- You’re favourite shortest book

The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K Rowling 200px-Tales_of_Beedle_the_Bard

I loved this book, even as reading them just as stories they were very fun. My favourite of the stories in the book were- ‘The fountain of fair fortune’ and ‘The tale of the three brothers’.

Facebook- A book everybody pressured you to read

The Fault in our Stars by John Green


I think I read this just as it was being announced that it was being made into a movie. The hype of this book was unreal, so I decided to give in and just read it.

Tumblr- A book you read before it was cool

Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling


I am not saying I was here from the beginning but I read them when it was more uncool to read Harry Potter. I am pretty sure it was the first proper book I ever read.

MySpace- A book you don’t remember whether you liked it or not

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins


I remember loving the series, its one of my favourites. But after hearing so many bad things about Mockingjay my own opinions kind of got lost. I cant remember if I was disappointed by the ending or if I liked it. I really need to re-read the book.

Instagram- A book that was so beautiful you had to instagram it

My life next door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

my life next door

This was the last book I put on instagram due to the prettiness of the cover. SO SUMMERY!

Youtube- A book you wish could be turned into a movie

The selection by Kiera Cass 


I think the first book could be adapted into a great movie. I don’t know about the rest of the series but I think the first one would be so good.

Goodreads- A book you would recommend to everyone

Vicious by V.E Schwab


I wasn’t expecting to like this book as much as I did. I think everyone should give this book a shot even though its adult I think really anyone could read it.

Skype- A book with characters you wish you could talk to instead of just reading about

Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

Vampire academy

Wow I haven’t mentioned this book yet. I would love to talk to these characters (especially Adrian) although I would probably have to do it at night.

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The book cake tag

1. FLOUR: A book that was really slow to start but picked up as it went alongelite

I’m going to go with my most recent read which was The Elite by Kiera Cass. It is the second book in the selection series. The first 50 pages nothing really happend but then it did start to pick up. So far I really advise this series, it is unlike any dystopian I have read.


2. MARGARINE: A book that has a really rich and great plotlotr

Theres quite a few, the Lord of the rings series. I cannot even imagine how much work went into crating that world. It is the most detailed world. Also the Harry Potter series, I love how everything links back to the first book it feels as though every point made in the book will soon turn out to have an effect later in the books.

3. EGGS: A book that you thought was going to be bad, but turned out to be quite enjoyableif i stay

If I stay by Gayle Forman. I never necessarely thought it was going to be a bad book but I hadnt heard the greatest praise for this book, people seemed to love her other duology Just one day much more than this one. HOwever I read it in a day and I thought it was great and I can definetly see myself re-reading it. I am now very excited for the movie.


4. SUGAR: A sugary/sweet book51gembSD3OL

Billy and me by Giovanna Fletcher, by looking at the cover you can tell what kind of book it will be. This book is just every girls dream- an insanely hot actor falling in love with you. Its a really sweet and enjoyable read.


5. ICING: A book covering every element you enjoyVampire academy

Probably the Vampire academy series. Badass female protagonist. Loveable best friend. Funny and snarky humour. Forbidden romance. Insanely attractive guys. A rich and unique interpretation of paranormal folk lore.


6. SPRINKLES: A book series you can turn to for a little pick me up when you’re feeling downcity of bones

The mortal instruments series. I find all the characters so much fun and I find it really easy to pick up a Cassandra Clare book and jump into the Shadowhunter world.


7. CHERRY ON TOP: Favorite book of the year so farcity of heavenly fire

Probably my most anticipated release of 2014 which was City of Heavenly fire, it was all I could of ever asked for in a book. Perfect end to the Mortal instruments series.

I tag anyone who has not done this tag!

Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead Book discussion

Silver Shadowssilver

Plot Synopsis:

Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of humans and vampires. They protect vampire secrets—and human lives.

In The Fiery Heart, Sydney risked everything to follow her gut, walking a dangerous line to keep her feelings hidden from the Alchemists.

Now in the aftermath of an event that ripped their world apart, Sydney and Adrian struggle to pick up the pieces and find their way back to each other. But first, they have to survive.

For Sydney, trapped and surrounded by adversaries, life becomes a daily struggle to hold on to her identity and the memories of those she loves. Meanwhile, Adrian clings to hope in the face of those who tell him Sydney is a lost cause, but the battle proves daunting as old demons and new temptations begin to seize hold of him. . . .

I need the next book. Like right now.

So much happened I don’t even know where to begin. So Sydney and Adrian have been separated. Sydney is at the re-education centre or should I say the Alchemist brainwashing centre while Adrian has been dragged back to court.

I really enjoyed Adrian’s time back at court, seeing all the old VA characters again. Although I did not enjoy poor Adrian getting drunk all the time, passing out at parties and having Tatiana whisper things in his ear. She was kind of like the devil on his shoulder telling him to do things that he knows he shouldn’t do and I can tell we will find out a bit more about this in the next book.

I am very curious how things will wrap up in the next book. I’m predicting it will be quite long as it will have to conclude all the VA characters as well as the new ones in this series. I believe this is the last book ever set in this world. I don’t think she is doing a Cassandra Clare and is releasing 5 more series set in this world. Although if she did I would be very pleased.

I thought it was really smart how Sydney stopped the gas and got the salt etc. But I knew something was going to go wrong it was to good to be true.

I was really glad this book didn’t head in a different direction in which she was actually brain washed into thinking all vampires were evil. It would kind of feel like a repeat of the Dimitri being a strigoi story line.

I really liked the scene where Dimitri and Adrian were talking, I thought it was a really unexpected scene, I don’t really think we ever see them two alone together. It must of felt a bit awkward between them but I think it was a very good scene to include.

The escape plan and how it was all written was again really smart. It is quite hard to describe how it all worked but Richelle Mead did a great job.

The last 100 pages was a rollercoaster. I think the thing I liked most about this book was the proposal and the wedding. They had two hours to get everything sorted and they were in such a rush, I could picture the scene perfectly in my head as though I was watching a movie.

When they got back to court I knew everything was going to be a bit complicated. I don’t understand how none of the others had seen before how much Adrian cared about Sydney.

Then to make matters even worse Jill has been taken.

I can tell the next book is going to be taking place in various places. There are so many storylines to tie up I don’t know how any of it is going to pan out.

Where is Jill? What parts will the witched play in the next book? What happened to Alicia? Was it really Rowena who came looking for Adrian and Sydney? What will happen to the warriors of light? Will anything develop between Eddie and Jill? And Trey and Angeline? And how will Adrian handle his spirit use?

I really don’t know but I cant wait for February 2015!


Favourite Quote- “What is it with you and girls, Adrian, dear? Why do they either mean nothing to you or everything? It’s always an extreme.”
“Because I don’t do things in halves, mom. Especially when it comes to love.”

A song that reminds me of the book- Never let me go- Florence and the machine

Also please donate to Frostbite in order for the second book in the Vampire Academy series to be made!

Here is the link!


The Fiery Heart by Richelle mead

The Fiery Heart

Plot synopsis:fiery

WHEN PULSES QUICKEN NO SECRET IS SAFE. Sydney always believed that alchemists were born to protect vampire secrets and human lives – until she met Marcus and turned her back on everything she once knew. But she’s not free yet. When her sister Zoe arrives, Sydney can only tell her half-truths about her past. And with every word she risks exposure – and the fatal consequences. Consumed by passion and vengeance, Sydney must choose her path once and for all. Even if that means harnessing her magical powers to destroy the way of life she was raised to defend…

This book was very different to the previous books in the series. In a good way though. One major difference in the format was the double POV, I have never really liked double POV books as I always found it hard to decipher who is who. However in this book it was easy to understand as Adrian and Sydney are two very different people. I think I liked Adrian’s chapters a bit more. It was a big change to both the previous books in the series and the Vampire Academy series as we have never been in the perspective of a boy, or a moroi, or a spirit user. I think the spirit aspect was really interesting as we have never truly understood what using to much spirit does and how being cut off from spirit effects them.

Another major difference to the plot was that Sydney and Adrian are finally together! Finally after 3 books! But there are a lot of complications. One would be her sister Zoe. I did not like her at all, she was to sneaky and two faced. I knew I couldn’t trust her as soon as she tried to impress her dad at the family dinner by making Sydney look bad.

I really liked seeing all the old characters back again when they went to the court to do research. Lissa, Christian, Rose, Dimitri…the list could go on of all the characters.

I think this book had the biggest cliff hanger of all the series, luckily for me the next book in the series just recently came out. I feel like it is going to be a depressing one.

5/5 stars.

Favourite quote- Relax, having kids is years away. But can you imagine? Your brains, my charm, our collective good looks… then add in the usual physical abilities dhampirs get. It’s really not even fair to everyone else.

A song that reminds me of the book- Running up that hill- Placebo

July wrap up

I had such a great reading this month. Probably my best this year, all the books I read I enjoyed. Some may of even made it into my new favourites! Here’s a list in order of the books what I read this month with a little description about them and my thoughts! Hope you enjoy!

Vampire Academy seriesVampire academy

The first six books I read this month was a series what I’ve been dying to read. I loved it! Could possibly be my second favourite series after Harry Potter of course. Ive been in a really vampire/paranormal mood this month so this was very fitting. The series consists of:

I did book reviews and discussions for all six of these books so I had added a link if you would like to check it out. Definitely a five star series!

Shatter me trilogyshatter me

Next I read a very popular series which I have heard a lot of hype about. I really loved this trilogy. The first book wasn’t great but unravel me and ignite me were fantastic. If you love dystopian or romance or xmen definetly check this series out. The trilogy consists of:

  • Shatter me
  • Unravel me
  • Ignite me

Really great trilogy with a beautiful and unique writing style!

My life next doormy life

After that I picked up My life next door. It was a really cute and a perfect summer read. I am not the hugest fan of contemporary’s but I am trying to get into them a bit more. It was a bit predictable but it was very cute and funny. 3.5/5 stars.


This was another xmen type book and it was so good. I wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I did because it was adult and I’ve never read anything by Victoria Schwab so I didn’t know if I would enjoy it. It was such a fast read and I loved how it switched time periods and points of view. Everything connects so well and it is so addictive.  5/5 stars!

Bloodlines and the Golden lilygoldenbloodlines

After that I read the first two books in the Bloodlines series and it is fantastic. I did reviews and discussions for both of these books as well so I will link them.

This was the spin off series to the vampire academy series revolving around Sydney Sage and many other characters who were in the VA series. Definitely recommend. 4.5/5 stars.

Altogether I read 13 books! I will try and do as good for next month. I will be posting my August TBR soon 😀

Comment what you will be reading!


The Golden lily by Richelle Mead book review/discussion

The Golden lilygolden

Plot synopsis: ‘Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of humans and vampires. They protect vampire secrets—and human lives. Sydney would love to go to college, but instead, she’s been sent into hiding at a posh boarding school in Palm Springs, California–tasked with protecting Moroi princess Jill Dragomir from assassins who want to throw the Moroi court into civil war. Formerly in disgrace, Sydney is now praised for her loyalty and obedience, and held up as the model of an exemplary Alchemist. But the closer she grows to Jill, Eddie, and especially Adrian, the more she finds herself questioning her age–old Alchemist beliefs, her idea of family, and the sense of what it means to truly belong. Her world becomes even more complicated when magical experiments show Sydney may hold the key to prevent becoming Strigoi—the fiercest vampires, the ones who don’t die. But it’s her fear of being just that—special, magical, powerful—that scares her more than anything. Equally daunting is her new romance with Brayden, a cute, brainy guy who seems to be her match in every way. Yet, as perfect as he seems, Sydney finds herself being drawn to someone else—someone forbidden to her. When a shocking secret threatens to tear the vampire world apart, Sydney’s loyalties are suddenly tested more than ever before. She wonders how she’s supposed to strike a balance between the principles and dogmas she’s been taught, and what her instincts are now telling her. Should she trust the Alchemists—or her heart?’

This is the non spoiler section, I definelty didnt think this was as good as the first one, it didnt have as much of a rich plot. I felt like the book was revolving around the relationships of the characters and thier development. I did enjoy this, however I feel like we only got an actual storyline to this book in the last 100 pages.

Although, I do really recommend this series, I can already tell the next book will be alot more exciting, so I am looking forward to starting it. Glad I can marathon this series without having to wait for Silver shadows which was released yesterday.

Overall definitley recomend this book.

This is the spoilery section where we can discuss the book so if you have not read it, read it and come back later to discuss!

This book was all about the relationships! Eddie and Angeline, Eddie and Jill, Jill and Micah, Sydney and Brayden…Sydney and Adrian.

I did not like Brayden, I thought he was an ass, although I do hope he comes into the story again. Maybe Adrian can set him straight.

The end of the book with Sydney and Adrian, just made me so sad. I will be very suprised if Adrian doesnt resort to drinking and smoking again.

I thought it was so cute how Adrian pretended he couldnt drive his car just so he could hang out with sydney. It reminded me of the scene in the infernal devices with the scones.

I think everybody knew that there was going to be vampire hunters ever since the first book when CLarence mentioned them. Out of all the places they would be, it of course was palm springs. Its like the mystic falls and beacon hills of this world.

I think there is something really fishy about Lia the fashion designer, why is she so desperate for Jill. Jill was abit naive not suspecting that the photos what she took would end up in a magazine. Silly.

I’m really curuous about who this Marcus wil be, possibly another love interest? I hope not, well not for Sydney at least. Her and for life I ship.

Speaking of which, does jill keep complimenting Sydney because of the bond with Adrian and its just his feelings being expressed by her?

Leave your thoughts down below!

4/5 stars

Favourite quote: “Adrian ordered a martini, earning disapproving looks from his father and me. “It’s barely noon,” said Nathan. “I know,” said Adrian. “I’m surprised I held out that long too.”

A song that reminds me of the book: Troublemaker-Green day

Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead book discusion

last sacrificeLast Sacrifice

Plot synopsis:

Rose Hathaway has always played by her own rules. She broke the law when she ran away from St. Vladimir’s Academy with her best friend and last surviving Dragomir princess, Lissa. She broke the law when she fell in love with her gorgeous, off-limits instructor, Dimitri. And she dared to defy Queen Tatiana, leader of the Moroi world, risking her life and reputation to protect generations of dhampir guardians to come.

Now the law has finally caught up with Rose – for a crime she didn’t even commit. She’s in prison for the highest offense imaginable: the assassination of a monarch. She’ll need help from both Dimitri and Adrian to find the one living person who can stall her execution and force the Moroi elite to acknowledge a shocking new candidate for the royal throne: Vasilisa Dragomir.

But the clock on Rose’s life is running out. Rose knows in her heart the world of the dead wants her back…and this time she is truly out of second chances. The big question is, when your whole life is about saving others, who will save you?

The first big part of this book was getting Rose out of Jail…or else she would be executed for treason. Already just writing that you know it is going to be an awesome book. I thought it was quite smart how they did it and it just reminded me of a scene from a movie so much but I cant quite put my finger on what it was. All I know it was badass.

After escaping, we still had no idea what was going on- like Rose. Then we discovered that the plan was for Rose, Dimitri and Sydney to just stay in a hotel in hiding until Lissa and the gang could figure out who killed the Queen. Yeah like that was going to happen. The way Rose escaped was just cruel to Dimitri, kissing him to distract him and then punch and run. That was mean Rose.

Then she finally realised she could do something after all- finally. I didn’t understand why she hadn’t thought of it before. She needs to find lissas sister.

But sadly with all the commotion Rose made they have to leave the comforts of the hotel- instead they go to The keepers. These are moroi and dphamir who do not live in modern day society. And it was really…weird.

I thought it was funny when that guy asked Rose to marry him and then she had to fight his sibling to see if she was worthy. Then Dimitri was just laughing and not even trying to help. Poor Rose, that makes three boys who are in love with her, not counting Mason.

Even though they are the bad guys I kind of liked Victor and Robert. I really wanted to know what they were up to and why they were helping.

Once we reached Sonya Karps house I knew what was going to happen, she would become moroi again, and she’s actually not as crazy as I thought she would be, but that is mainly due to Roberts healing, it will come back over time.

So we finally find out where this mystery Dragomir is and when we get there it was Jill. There was a few hints at who it could be during the book and I cant believe I didn’t think of her. However that wasn’t the most shocking thing to have happened in the story. I was shocked but I wasn’t blown away.

With Lissa now doing the trials in order to be a candidate to become the new queen, I knew where this story was heading. Lissa would become Queen. I really liked the trials what she did, the first one was kind of like The hunger games minus the killing people…basically she just had to survive on her own in the wilderness. The second trial was like the fear landscapes in Divergent where she had to face all her fears. /i felt really bad for her on that one. And the third was a question what she had to answer. I had no idea what she was going to say for that one.

Then Victor and Robert kidnapped Jill, no it was going so well! But in consequence to that we got that tent scene with Dimitri and Rose. I felt really bad for Adrian. He was going to be heart broken when he finds out. I cant wait to find out what happens with Adrian in the bloodlines series though, seeing as he is my favourite character.

When Rose killed Victor, I felt bad for both of them. Victor didn’t deserve death but he could do one day, I have a feeling his plans would of went far worse. But Rose had just killed a moroi.

Lets skip to when we are back at court, and everything is going to be revealed. I was expecting a huge commotion over Jill. But it wasn’t that bad, well after Daniella confirmed it.

Then they revealed who killed the Queen and I was shocked! This was the most shocked I had been. I cant believe Tasha Ozera did it. That is going to look very bad for the Ozera name now. It all made sense though. That’s when all the commotion started.

Then Rose got shot defending Lissa. I was quite sad to see the bond go now. I think Rose felt a bit lost without it.

I felt bad for Adrian too, when him and Rose talked about there relationship. 😥 Don’t worry Adrian you will find love in the spin off series.

There was a lot of things unanswered in this book which I am looking forwards to be answered in the spinoff series.

So once again 5/5 stars. This may be my new favourite series.

Favourite quote- “Rose, I’m an addict with no work ethic who is likely going to go insane. I’m not like you. I’m not a super-hero.” “Not yet,” I said.”

A song that reminded me of the book- Only one- Alex Band

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead book discussion

Spirit BoundSpirit Bound

So we start off this book with Rose ready to do her trials in order to become a guardian. Lets be honest we all new she would do the best in the class, seriously Rose have a bit more confidence girl! Its almost like old times before anything too bad ever happened. They were at school and it was awesome, Rose and Adrian are going out and its going really well. But then the prison break.

I thought it was really awesome how they did it and really smart, only one thing went wrong and that was that they had the wrong forms which wasn’t to bad if worst came to worst Lissa just had to compel the guards. But she couldn’t compel too many at a time, so why didn’t they bring Adrian? He could easily fit into the plan, I know Rose wanted to keep out of it and all but still, she got Eddie involved. Who would be forgiven quicker Eddie just a newbie guardian or Adrian the queens favourite (and only) great nephew?

When they had Victor and went to Las Vegas and Adrian showed up and he was like ‘Did you know Victor Dashkov is sitting on your bed?’ I was laughing so much. And at the same time I felt so bad for him, he thought all he was intruding was a girls little holiday get away to Las Vegas, never did he imagine this!

When they met up with Victors brother and figured out how to return a strigoi back to normal, I thought it made so much sense and it seemed so much easier than I thought it was going to be. Until he said that the spirit user had to also stake them. Ah that could complicate things.

I hated how everyone was bashing Adrian about smoking and drinking, its just his own way of medication, sure its not very healthy but he needs it in order to not become depressed, he doesn’t have the bond so he just has to cope with all the darkness by himself.

When they found out about Lissa’s dad always going to Las Vegas I was like, this is going to be a vital plot for the next book isn’t it.

Things were looking up now that they found out how to fix Dimitri, until he turned up and Victor escaped. We are going to see a lot more of him in the next book aren’t we.

Lets skip a few chapters ad go onto when Lissa has turned Dimitri back into a dhapmir…what the hell has happened to him, I know he feels guilty about everything he has done but why is he being so grateful to Lissa. Dimitri get yourself together man.

When it got to the Adrian and Rose sexy times scene and then they didn’t have a condom. Really? I was laughing so much. I’ve got a feeling they wont continue that later. I think her and Dimitri will definitely end up together.

Now approaching the last few chapters of the book and I knew something big was going to happen. And it did not disappoint. The queen is dead :O And everyone thinks Rose killed her. Even bigger shocked face. And then that letter from Tatiana got me so excited for the next book! Another Dragomir! I am so exited to find out who it is.

Also I am excited to see what part Victor has played in this because this was his plan all along wasn’t it? But I think its to obvious of a solution to it for him to of killed the Queen.


Favourite quote: Dreams, dreams. I walk them; I live them. I delude myself with them. It’s a wonder I can spot reality anymore.

A song that reminded me of the book: Wishing Well- Blink 182

Its kind of like how all Rose wanted was Dimitri back to normal. Yet in the end its bittersweet since he refuses to talk to her.

The Characters book tag!

The Characters Book tag

1. Who is the best kick-ass character?Rose

Rose Hathaway, Hands down Rose Hathaway. Killed more strigoi than most guardians in a life time and shes only 17/18. (Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead)

2. Which character do you most dislike?

Umbridge, I thought she was just bad for the sake of being bad. Even Voldermort had some explanation of why he was evil. Umbridge was just looking for power. (Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling)

3. If you could date any fictional character who would it be and why?

I know I just started reading this series but I am going to have to say Adrian Ivashkov. I’m on the 5th book in the series and he is definetly my favourite character. He is the Finnick Odair of Vampire Academy. (Vampire academy series and Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead)

4. If you could change a character in any way what would it be?

I honsetly cant think of any right now. I think the characters are like that for a reason and its part of there personality.

5. What character to you made all the wrong choices that didn’t add anything to the book?clary

Okay I know she oviously made a difference to the story because shes the main character and everything but Clary Fray made some stupid decisions throughtout the first 5 mortal instruments books. (The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare)

6. Which character was the best villain whom you love to hate?

Sebastian Morgenstern. He is just so sick and twisted. And I love it. (The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare)

7. Favorite side-kick character with the most heart?

Samwise Gamgee, of course from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I dont think there really needs to be an explanation for this. (Lord of the rings by J.R.R Tolkein)

8. What is your favorite fictional romantic relationship?

I think Finnick and Annie from the Hunger games series are really cute but seen as we dont really get to see alot of that I am going to say Hazel and Gus from the Fault in our stars. Consequently both end tragically. (The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins and The Fault in our stars by John Green)

9. What character did you think was the strongest?

Will Herondale from the Infernal devices series. I feel for the guy. In the first book I was like why is he acting like such a dick. Then things became clear. We found out his back story and oh boy was it emotional. (The Infernal devices series by Cassandra Clare)

10. Best protagonist?harry potter

This is a tuff one but I am going to with the classic answer Harry Potter! (Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling)


This was really fun to do! I may do another one of these but in relation to TV shows.


Blood Promise by Richelle Mead book discussion

Blood Promiseblood promise

Rose Hathaway’s life will never be the same. The recent attack on St. Vladimir’s Academy devastated the entire Moroi world. Many are dead. And, for the few victims carried off by Strigoi, their fates are even worse. A rare tattoo now adorns Rose’s neck, a mark that says she’s killed far too many Strigoi to count. But only one victim matters … Dimitri Belikov. Rose must now choose one of two very different paths: honoring her life’s vow to protect Lissa—her best friend and the last surviving Dragomir princess—or, dropping out of the Academy to strike out on her own and hunt down the man she loves. She’ll have to go to the ends of the earth to find Dimitri and keep the promise he begged her to make. But the question is, when the time comes, will he want to be saved? Now, with everything at stake—and worlds away from St. Vladimir’s and her unguarded, vulnerable, and newly rebellious best friend—can Rose find the strength to destroy Dimitri? Or, will she sacrifice herself for a chance at eternal love?\l “

So shadow kiss left off with such big turn of events for them all. And boy was it an adventure in this book.

I loved the new character, Sydney in this book, I know that she has quite a big role in the spin off series Bloodlines (along with Adrian hmmm). I really liked her and it has made me very excited to find out more about the alchemists and to of course read that series.

Another new character we met (okay we met LOADS of new characters in this book) was Avery, I knew there was something off about her since the first page of meeting her. You are not replacing Rose bitch and you are not going out with Adrian. I did not expect that she would be a spirit user too, it did not even cross my mind at all, I felt so stupid and shocked when we found out. To be honest I still didnt reallu understand why she wanted to kill Lissa and then bring her back to life, it didnt really make sense to me.

Throughout the book I was like Lissa what the hell are you doing, I thought she was just turning into Adrian with the drinking or something to cope with using spirit magic. But no it was stupid bitch Avery. It seems like spirit users are becoming quite easy to come across. Not as rare as we thought.

The worst thing Avery did was split Christian and Lissa up, they are too cute together to not be together!

Side note: I really hope we see a lot more of Christian in this next book, I feel like he is turning into a minor character.

Another new character we met was Abe, I cannot believe I did not make the connection of the name Abe and Ibrahim. It made so much sense, through out the book I was like who could possibly want Rose to get back so much that they hired Abe to do it. And then turns out he wasn’t hired to do it. he’s her frickin father. I was blown away.

I really loved the Belikov family, I really hope we get to see more of them in the future, they were so nice!

Also the other new spirit users and shadowkissed guy! Mark and his wife (I’ve forgotten what his wife was called) I really liked them and when they said there may be a way to unturn the strigoi, I was like this is what’s going to happen, this is the plot for the next book, we are going to get Dimitri back. But then he said Dashkov. No. Not this twat again.

They are going to have to break him out of prison aren’t they.

I am really excited to start reading spirit bound now, so many things were uncovered towards the last few chapters of this book!

5/5 stars

Favourite quote: “I know how devastated you must be to miss me, but leave a message, and I’ll try to ease your agony” Oh Adrian. 😉

Song that remind me of the book: The ghost of you- My Chemical Romance